Museums in Kalo Nero of Messinia

 Archaeological Museum of Pylos (42km). The Archaeological Museum of Pylos was built between 1956 – 1958. Known as the Antonopouleion Museum because of its benefactor, Christos Antonopoulos, the museum was designed to house the rich collection of French Philhellene, Rene Puaux. He envisioned the creation of a museum which, apart from the collection, would also house the relics of the Greek Revolution. The exhibits date back to the Mycenaean age, Archaic, Hellenistic and Roman times and come from the region of Pylos. Among the impressive items is the burial jar from Koukounara, the boar-tooth lining from a warrior helmet, a common feature of Achaean soldier-warriors also exhibited at the Museum of Nafplios, three glass vases and the large ankle from the Hellenistic tomb of Tragana.

The Folklore Museum of Kyparissia. The Folklore Museum is located in the Upper Town of Kyparissia and is housed in the renovated “County” building where Christakis Palamas resided as prefect of the region. In 1881, his brother and our national poet, Kostis Palamas resided in the building while he was a student. Its purpose is the preservation, promotion and protection of various traditional items and intellectual creations of the Municipality. The Folklore Museum has also hosted shows and events in its courtyard.